My Blog Statement.

Hi and welcome to my blog, my name is Ken.

I have an interest and take part in many types of photography, Street photography, social documentary, environmental Portraiture, and studio portraiture, headshots for actors, to Cosplay performers, there is a kind of link here I guess as I if there are people in the image then it is my kind of photography, though I haver photographed the odd Cat and Dog. 🙂

I feel there is nothing more rewarding than capturing that perfect expression in a split second of time.

If you are interested in seeing some of my work, feel free to visit my website Here or my Instagram which you will find Here both links will open on new pages so you will not lose this page.

A blog is photography related. It is a work in progress, over time I will review products I have tried, if they are good I will say what is good if they are bad I will do the same. I will not recommend or review a product that I have not tried.

Feel free to leave comments.

Before I go, I am a professional photographer and enjoy my work so much so that I will travel anywhere, in the world if required to do so, if you feel you can use my services please feel free to contact me and we can start negotiations.